Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It seems like this has been one of the longest winters, or maybe it's because it snowed so much. We've had a lot of snow and it's finally melting. I usually don't mind the snow but I'm ready for some warmer weather. 
It really was a beautiful day out today and is so welcomed.
I was so happy I could open up the windows and let some fresh air in. I caught every sickness that was going around this season unfortunately. That has never happened before. I am well now and thankful for it. I have to get healthy. 
I just ordered T25 and am scared to see what I'm in for. I am out of shape and haven't exercised in a while but I have had it with myself. I hear it's majorly intense but 25 minutes so I am going for it. Pray for me.

Anyway, I have been wanting to redo my bedroom for a while now and haven't got to it. For some reason it always seems the last place that gets done. I still have to paint the furniture. 
I am not done with the bedroom but this is way better than what it was. It used to be a pale yellow and I just needed something more soothing. I don't have any blue anywhere else in the house and I'm really liking blue lately so it's in the bedroom and I love it. 
I went out and bought a quilt and shams the other day at Home Goods. It definitely needs more pillows and something else. I need curtains too and would like to get something else behind the bed and move the picture to the wall on the left that is not shown. I didn't show it because it's got a sign there that I don't like and doesn't quite match because of the color. I will update when it's all finished. I hope to take a trip to Lancaster to find something cool for behind the bed.

The other day I took a trip up to one of my favorite towns. Allentown NJ. It is a sweet place. For a while, many businesses had closed and they were some of my favorite shops. I was so sad when they went out and it was disheartening going through the town and seeing the empty stores. 
But, recently they are starting to fill up the stores again and some really great people are now shop owners. The Old Mill is a real cool old place. A well known Italian restaurant in another town nearby will be occupying the bottom space in the Mill soon. Looking forward to going there when it opens. Three new stores took the top and I love them all. 
I got the piece above at one of the stores. I fell in love with it. Loved the color, the etching, the saying and the cute birdy. 
Encourage your hopes not your fears is on the back of the plank. He has some nice repurposed stuff in his place. Great guy too.
Allentown is back! Yay!! 

I probably posted this picture someplace else at another time but I have this temporarily behind my bed. I love scripture.
I've been going through some stuff lately and I don't know what I'd do without God. When I see this, it comforts me. He understands me and is everything to me. 
This picture is very tranquil. I saw it on Beneath My Heart's blog and ordered it. I fell in love with it at first sight. I love God and trees. To me, one of the most beautiful sounds is a soft breeze blowing through the leaves of a tree. Nature is being close to God for me. 

I got this door at a yard sale a while back and I just made that burlap wreath at a church craft day and I hung it there. I think I may do something else with this down the line to. 

I love when the sun shines through the window. When I wake up in the morning the sun shines on my side. This is hubs side of the bed. I found that table at a yard sale for $10 a while back. It was a perfect end table.

Marbles :) 

This is the window that the sun shines through in the morning. I am really excited for the spring and summer sun. It's so much brighter than winters sun. The sun instantly brightens my spirits. I don't like to bake in it though. I'm not a lay on the beach for hours type person. I just love the light that the sun emits and the warmth on my face as I close my eyes and lift my face to it. 

I got that old pitcher in Georgia at a really awesome antique place. I loved Georgia. I really hope I can visit there again some time. 
I had to wind up taking another picture because I had a pink fuzzy sock under there and a big clumpy doggy fur ball. My dog sheds horrifically, it drives me insane. You could pluck him as he walks by, it's terrible. 

I think I may get a different blanket for the bottom but this is good for now. Definitely needs more pillows. I saw a really nice one in one of the stores in Allentown. It had burlap and lace. Thought maybe a fuzzy one. Our bedroom is tiny but it's cozy. 
White is so crisp and clean. Every picture I see of bedrooms I like, I always get drawn to the ones with a white comforter or quilt. Our bedroom is tiny but 
Wondering what color curtains to get. I don't know if I should white overload it. I was thinking of painting the furniture either all black or the body distressed white and stain the top dark walnut. 

The set was Ralph Lauren, the quilt and shams. The original price was ridiculous, I would have never bought it at regular price. Home Goods is awesome, they have great prices. 
So happy I found two of each sham. They were in different spots and I didn't think I'd have as set so when I found the other one, I was doing a jig. They were the last of each. 
Target had a cute fluffy pillow that was fluffy that I may get for this. I think I need one more Euro sham too in the back. I will have to get a different one since they had no more at Home Goods. I will also have to wait a while because I will give my husband a heart attack if I spend any more money. 

There are little cottages behind the Old Mill in Allentown. One of them became a consignment shop. 
 I saw this cross bracelet so I got it. I hardly ever wear bracelets but I really liked it. I picked up a few tops there too. She had great stuff in there. I love giving business to small businesses. It's much more personal in a world that is trying to make everything impersonal. It's always a pleasant experience too. We chat and get to know one another and I enjoy that. 

Enjoy your day friends! 

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Reminiscing of Gram

Tonight was my husbands birthday. My mother in law came up and celebrated with us. She hasn't been able to for many years because she was my husbands grandmother's caretaker. Gram had been bedridden for the past few years. My mother in law Linda took such amazing care of her, she was so selfless in doing so and in doing so she wasn't able to visit with us too much. We went and visited there. It was nice to have her here with us. Gram just passed away this September. She would have been 86. My mother in law is having a hard time and is still in the process of grieving. Gram was her life and it's hard being in the house without her. So we were happy tonight that she was able to be with us and get away for a while.

My husband and I started dating when we were seniors in high school. We dated for 5 years and have now been married for 20. When we were dating, my husband ( boyfriend at time ) knew how I liked old houses and stuff. He said his grandparents had an old victorian home in western Pennsylvania. He always talked so lovingly of them and their home. How their home was his safe haven and how it was just peace and comfort for him. He told me of how great his gram cooked and how when he lived with them once for 3 months, that she cooked so good he gained 30 pounds in those 3 months. 
So the first time he asked me if I'd like to take a vacation with him and stay at their home - I couldn't wait. I really wanted to meet them, meet the two people I had heard so much about and felt like I already knew. It took a lot of begging to my father to allow me to go. I begged my mom to help me and finally he allowed it because we would be staying at their home. Daddy was strict and old fashioned. I wouldn't have asked to go on a vacation alone somewhere with my boyfriend. I respected my dad and knew his wishes but this was different. I wanted to meet my boyfriends family and we'd be staying in their home, not by ourselves somewhere. Daddy said yes - finally. 
The ride was long from Staten Island, it took 5 to 6 hours to get there. When we hit their town, I loved it. It was so different from where I was from and I liked that. 
When I saw their home, I fell more in love with it. It had a huge wrap around porch, it was a main street victorian. It was really lovely. Then I met them, gram and pap, and I fell in love with them. They were so kind and easy going. Pap was so gentle and kind and never raised his voice. He was a mellow man. And gram was great. We would sit on the porch and talk for hours. We stayed up late just talking. Marc (hubby) would tell me that he did that when he went there and now I knew what it was like. He used to tell me, I don't have to do anything or go anywhere while I'm there and it's the greatest thing. I understood that now.
Grams cooking was amazing. First time ever I had ham loaf. I had never even heard of it. It was non existent from where I was from. Marc always talked about the famous ham loaf. I was from a big Italian family and we ate Italian food, so it was such a treat to have grams country cooking. 
Gram did everything, she decorated so beautifully, she was ahead of her time that's for sure. She was upcycling furniture back then. She crafted and sewed so beautifully. I admired her many talents. I wish I had them. I didn't grow up doing any of what she did. I wish I lived by her, I'd have loved for her to teach me. She canned and made delicious jams and her apple butter was awesome.

After spending the week with them, I felt like they were my grandparents too. I hated leaving there. I never felt so relaxed and I finally experienced all those wonderful things and feelings that Marc always told me about. It was hard leaving them. I got choked up. From then on we took a vacation there every year and when we were married too. My husband never liked that they lived so far away so when we had our visits we soaked it all in. It was always special.
Pap passed away a year or two after our son was born. Gram moved down to Jersey with my mother in law and she remained there for the last 11 years of her life. 

Tonight when my mother in law came up she said she had some things for me. Things of grams. She gave me her clothespin bag and it was filled with her clothespins that she used when she lived back in Pennsylvania. I had just ordered off of Etsy a clothespin bag and a bunch of clothespins and just received them last week. Grams were the regular kind but had a few of the roundhead pins. I emptied the pins I had in the Ball jar into the big jug back and the few of grams roundhead ones I put back in this Ball jar. Even though they are just clothes pins, they are special because they were grams. I was so touched that my mother in law gave them to me. She said she and Aunt Dee knew I'd love them and they were right. I do love them and will love them. Grams pins :) 

Grams family grew up on a farm. Her grandparents and aunt lived there. My husband took me out there once to see the farmhouse on a visit. No one lived in it anymore. It was on 100 acres. It was a stone farmhouse. It was beautiful. When I first visited there were still things there but then it was vandalized and they stole so much. Gram used to tell us stories of life out at the farm. I always enjoyed listening to her stories.
These nightgowns, shirt and dresses belonged to grams family members who lived on the farm. She saved them all these years and my mother in law gave them to me tonight. It really touched me. I was so appreciative to receive them. I had been contemplating getting rid of this shelf or maybe paint it. I never filled up those pegs. I usually would have 3 things on it but tonight I filled the pegs up. It's like those family items were meant for it. I just took them out of the washing machine and hung them. Now I have to buy myself some vintage hangers to go with them. 

This shirt is so delicate. 

I love the design on this. I wonder which family member wore it. 

Isn't this so pretty? So delicate.

This yellow dress is so pretty. I wish I could wear it but I have to lose a bit of weight to do that.

Another very delicate piece.

Mom also gave me this. She thought I would like it, she was right. She's happy that I will enjoy it. I have never seen one of these before.

This bottle below is so cool. I actually have a newer one from a few years ago that my husbands cousin gave us that was from Germany. He lived there for a while and came back with it and it was filled with a flavored liquor. I'm not much of a drinker but I tasted that and it was delicious. So now that I see an original bottle and where they got the design from, this is really cool. 
I washed it but now I can't get it dry inside. I even tried blowdrying it and it didn't work.

Such a cool salt crock.

Here is a black dress or navy blue, I can't quite tell. I loved the buttons on this one.

This is grandma Dorothy as a young woman. And below is her about 10 years ago. The way I'd like to remember her. The way she was her best.

Until we meet again.... loving and remembering you always.

Friday, October 25, 2013

The Piano & Some Stuff

This is a cram everything in one post kind of post. Figured may as well put it all together instead of doing separate. I do things chaotically and it's the only way I know how. I drive my husband crazy the way I do things. My brain has everything jumbled and going on all at once. Hubby is very organized. I would love to be like him but I am not. I can't say I'm never organized. My sister in law said to me that I have organized chaos. I know but nobody else does. Makes sense, to me anyway.

That is a little corner in the kitchen. I love red and white. I have been wanting those straws for so long and I finally got them. I went to the junk store here in town and got a few little vintage utensils for my little crock and found the red and gray handmade - forgive me but I am drawing a blank of what those red things under the milk bottle and sugar jar are called. I hate when this happens. Please bare with me, I know you know what they are anyway. It's going to drive me crazy now.  
I so need a new toaster. For some reason appliances do not do well in my house. They do not last, I swear they make everything to break nowadays. Wonder if it's just me.

I just got that tiered enamelware stand at The Knick of Time on Etsy. I love it so much. I found those other two bowls at the flea market this past Monday. I love that this particular flea market is open on Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. Monday isn't the best day to go though, not too many vendors there. Sunday of course is the best day.

Just got this adorable decorative handmade dish towel at Sweet Magnolia Farm on Etsy. I LOVE everything they make and sell. I know it's for Christmas time but I couldn't wait. Don't you love the little bells? Love the barn and the red. Oh I just love. 

Just the stove display. I bought that spice rack the other day at a town wide sale for a buck. I don't have the spices on it yet and I have to move it up and secure it. Right now it's rigged. Underneath is engraved in the wood - To Mom and the sons name and the year which was 92. I liked it that much more because the son lovingly made it for his mom. 

Okay now here's the story with the piano. My youngest daughter Jamie has been having an interest in piano at school. She came home telling me how much she loved this song by Beethoven. Now if a 10 year old is saying they like Beethoven, I started thinking that maybe there is something there and I want to help nurture that. She asked to take lessons and she'll be starting in about 2 weeks. I really hope she likes it. I know she'll need a piano to practice and we can't afford a new one so I went to the junk shop in town. I thought I got a good deal at $250. Usually the older pianos aren't very pretty. I'm not crazy for the color but it isn't that bad. What I liked most about it was the legs. Love the spindle legs. It plays pretty good too. So here comes the kick me in the stomach part. 
They come to deliver it. It's heavy and the two guys were having trouble but managed to get it up the steps without a problem. The man goes to put the wheels back on the back of the piano, he tilts it forward and snaps all the pedals off. I wanted to die. So now the piano is useless basically. I felt bad for the guy. I know it was a mistake. So there went my great deal and find :( 
I called up to get it tuned and told them about the pedals. They said they had replacement pedals for $30 and I thought that wasn't bad. The tuning cost $120 and I asked the woman who was fixing it how much it would cost to put the pedals on and she told me $250. I was kind of shocked. I didn't realize it was that expensive. So we will have a piano with no pedals for a while. She said that she doesn't need to learn the pedals for 6 months. So hopefully by then I'll have the money to fix it. 
I was really bummed but what can you do. These kind of things happen and it seems they like to happen to me. Ah could be worse.
Below is my pedal-less piano with a nice scratch mark. 

I can't believe I'm showing this picture but this is my dining room table full of stuff to sell at the flea market and I want to start up an Etsy/Ebay business too. I still have stuff in other places too. I have to figure out a system on where to put stuff. I want my dining room back. 

A key ring I found at a garage sale this weekend. I've been looking for them and finally found a set.
I love them. Good price too and I love that even better. 

I loved that little crocheted tree. 

Made these cake stands to sell. 

Isn't that a cute cupcake? Underneath is a candle. Gonna sell that too. Time for the Christmas stuff. I hate to say but the stuff I'm buying to sell I am having such a hard time wanting to part with it.

Found this gorgeous picture at a sale this past weekend. It is Mary and baby Jesus on a donkey and Joseph in the background. The Flight Into Egypt is the name of it. It's huge this picture. I want to keep it but I may sell it. I looked up the man whose collection it was from and he seemed pretty well known. If I read correctly I think he was the son of the owner of Tiffany's. 

This is a sticker on the back of the picture. I'm sure it was sold at auction at some point.

Rushing this post and I'm gonna run because I have to bring my son up lunch to school and of course I'm down to the wire on time but that's how I roll.

Have a great weekend all!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

I said a few weeks ago that I hadn't hit to many sales this season but I'm starting to make up for it. I went crazy this weekend. I have a real love affair with yard sale-ing, thrift shopping and estate sales. I love the old vintage stuff. Farmhouse style, cottage and some shabby. It's just thrilling to me. I love getting a deal. I can't stand overpaying for stuff anymore. I took my youngest daughter with me to a thrift shop a few weeks back and she really enjoyed it. We had a nice day at a historical park that morning and she has a liking for the older stuff too. I was surprised that she didn't mind the thrift shop but it actually turned out nice for her because the woman that worked there kept picking out clothes for her. We didn't go in there looking for clothes but the lady had such an eye for what would look good and I think she just was having fun with it and kept picking out matching outfits for my daughter. As I got talking to the woman, she used to model clothing when she was younger and she thought my daughter would be a great model. The stuff she was picking out was really nice and the woman had a great eye. So my girl enjoyed every minute of it and she wound up getting a bunch of clothes. It was nice to have special attention like that. My daughter told me in the car on the way home that she loved our day together. I did too. 

I have contemplated going back to work lately but then when I think about it, I don't want to just work anywhere. I used to be a hairdresser and I haven't worked in a salon since I was pregnant with my son. He is now 16, soon to be 17. I never really enjoyed cutting hair. I never went to college. After I graduated high school I knew I wasn't the college type and I also wasn't a working in the city type either. I contemplated a few things to do. I thought about photography, being a chef and hairdressing and my father steered me towards hairdressing. I wish I did photography because I love that too. I'm in love with Pinterest too because I love the photgraphy.

My sister worked in the city for most of her life and loved it. She and I are total opposites in so many ways. All that city commotion wasn't for me. I was more the homey type and always loved the country and old things. I am actually the only one in my family that likes the country and old stuff. My dad used to wonder where I came from and then he said I took after his sister. I loved my aunts decor. She had antiques and country stuff. My family was as modern as could be and I am the oddball but I like being the oddball. I'd rather be odd than modern.

So back to what I was saying. I thought that maybe I should open up a shop on Etsy or Ebay. It's a passion that I have and maybe I could make money at it. I am not a booksmart person and thinking of doing that kind of stuff makes me feel uneasy. I wish I had somebody to help me out with the computer and business part of it and I just go find the stuff but my husband doesn't have the time to help me out with it so I have to figure it out. So I had in mind these past weekends to find some inventory to sell as I went out to the sales. The only problem I have is I want to keep most of the stuff I buy. It's terrible. One estate sale I went to was filled to the brim. I would say on the lines of hoarder but they had awesome stuff and it was all clean which was nice.  I got great things there and a great deal. I am finding I want to keep most of it. Today I got the best deal, it was my third time back there. Everything was half off but the lady gave me even more off.  She was cool. They were such nice people. 
I know I missed out on some good stuff the first day. When I went there at first it was drizzling out and there were so many people there that they stopped people from going in and they were making everybody wait outside. When I got there a woman standing said they were waiting a long time. Then another woman coming out said that they were pricey. I didn't have an umbrella so I left and went back later. I should have stayed. This place had all the stuff I love and not many places around my area have this vintage stuff. Mostly the older folks have sales with this stuff because the younger generation is modern around here. 
Below is just this afternoon's stuff. I got some great things the other days but I didn't take pictures of it. 

I'd like to make something out of the cutting board. I have seen so many cute ideas on Pinterest on how to repurpose them. 

I love that plaid blanket. It's so Christmas time decor. I thought that little burlap ditty bag was cute too.

Love the old vintage boxes. Those are steel pins. The woman was a seamstress. She had so much fabric and yarn. Wish I had that gift. 
I bought that glass bottle because I see on Pinterest how they have candy tables and they put the candy in all different size glass jars like that. I was thinking of having a party for my daughter and doing a candy table. So I am starting to look for the pieces now. 

I absolutely love these platters. I have a thing for so many things lol. One of the many is pretty vintage platters.

I love this platter below so much. Love the one up top too. I found it shoved underneath some other platters. I am surprised nobody found it. Those marks are my fingerprints from the paper because this is in beautiful condition. Wonder why nobody wanted it. 

I do not have this style decor but I love those frames so much. I think they are really pretty though. Nice and vintage. 

Hit a yard sale on the way home and picked up these cute Christmas goodies. The woman whose sale it was had to be in her 70's. She said these were her mothers. 

I loved this cute little girl with the tree the best. I am picky about their faces. Isn't she pretty?

This pair is cute but upon inspection at home, one was glued back together and the other one they used red nail polish to cover up the places that the red chipped off. Wonder why I didn't see it while I was at the sale. 

Same yard sale- these were new with tags on them. Got them for my husband, $5 a piece. They are quilted inside, one is a hoodie. Such a score. 

I did great today. Last week I hit the town wide sale and I got a nice hutch besides some other cool stuff. I think I will paint the furniture pieces I have bought lately and bring them to the next flea market to sell. I really want to do this. I see all the blogs with all the ladies I admire like Miss Mustard Seed and so many like her who do this for a living. I wish I had somebody to give me pointers on how to get started. I ordered a few books about how to get started but I have always done better being shown or talking to someone who is experienced directly. I ordered Miss Mustard Seeds book too. Can't wait to read it. I love her. She's awesome! Such a talented lady.

I want to be happy with what I choose to do and I believe this would be fun and exciting. 
I hope in a few weeks time I can come back here and say it's going good or at least going. Wish me luck and say a little prayer for me!

Enjoy your evening!