Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's Been A While

It's been so long since I've blogged. So much has gone on. We sold our house and moved into the town we lived in when we first moved out here. It was always home to us and we probably never should've left but things happen and everything is worked out the way it should. I've always loved older homes and it was a dream of my husband and I for our whole married life but we didn't think we'd ever see that happen, not now anyway but it has!!!
We bought a home that was built in 1905. It's a fixer upper. We closed in August and still haven't moved in. Hopefully this weekend we are. This is it! 

It's on a beautiful block, one that I have admired since we moved to this area 16 years ago. This home was neglected so badly. It's sad to me that people do this to these lovely old homes. But we've always bought homes that needed TLC so here we are again. 
We've moved around a lot but I'm hoping this is the last time. The older we get the harder it gets. 
I may be creating a new blog for this new journey. I will let you know. Hope you are all doing well. Talk soon! 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Barn Door Redone For Bedroom

We finally got a piece for behind our bed that I have been waiting so long to do. Our bedroom is tiny and we thought of a few possibilities of what we wanted to put behind there. We have a few old doors but they were all too long for that space. I would've had to take my side table away and push the bed against the wall and I didn't want to do that. I like having a little bit of space to get out on my side of the bed. 
This barn door that we got in Lancaster was the perfect length. My husband stripped the top coat of paint off which was chipping white. Underneath was green and he sanded that down to get it smooth and I repainted it with Annie Sloan white paint. I distressed it and waxed it with clear wax. I like that little bit of green coming through. And this is what we have. I'm really happy with it. 

On the right side which was the bottom of the door, and had some rotting. I was going to make my husband cut it off and cut the other side to match and make it even but I decided against it because it actually gave it character. Plus I didn't want the door shorter. The original hardware was still with the door which was great. 

Above is a panoramic view. It cuts a little of the corner of the room off and makes the doors look a little distorted. I still have to repaint our dressers. This set was my moms when she was a kid. It is already stripped for like 5 years now. Just sitting around waiting to be made pretty. I am deciding on what color I should paint it. I was going to do white with a dark top or black. 

Our room color is a soft blue kind of grayish. I am hoping that we still have some paint left so I can find out the color. We have a little touching up to do. 

I went to Home Goods and that is where I found the bed quilt. It is Ralph Lauren. I love Home Goods, they have such awesome prices. I'm so glad they had the Euro shams and standard shams. At times it's so hard to find a match and they were the last ones. Yay for me! :) The smaller solid white pillows I got at a yard sale, brand-new still with tags on them from Pottery Barn for five dollars each. I thought that was a score. The feathery looking pillow I got from Target. The beautiful burlap one I bought off of Etsy. 

I didn't like my bedroom for the longest time. It is finally coming together just how I like it. It's very soothing. I love the white and I love the paint color, it has a calming effect. It used to be yellow and the bedding was all mismatched. Now I can't wait for when it's time to retire for the night. 

We still have the other wall to do as well, so I will update when we're finished. 

Hope you're all having a great weekend!

Blessings & Love,

Monday, June 9, 2014

I got this chicken crate at the flea market about a year ago. I have been wanting to make a coffee table out of it for our living room. This is one of the many projects that has to be done. The man selling them had a load of them. I actually should've bought a few, he was only selling them for $12. I have seen these for so much money in the stores. I got an awesome deal. 

These doors I got at a yard sale a town over a week or two ago. When we went out to Lancaster, we were looking for these type doors and we couldn't find them. When I saw them lined up against the tree I went over and asked how much. The woman said - oh you can have them for nothing. I almost died, I was so shocked. I told her that I wanted to pay her something for them and she said no I'm passing on kindness. When someone wants to bless us and pass on kindness, we should not stop them from doing that. Although I feel bad taking things for free from people, I know not to refuse when they say that. Someone actually taught me that when I kept refusing a gift someone wanted to give me. A wise friend told me just what I said above- Never refuse someone trying to bless us because it then stops them from being blessed. So me don't do that no more :)

There were two doors there and I didn't have the truck on me so I told her I would come back later. When my husband got home we went back for the doors and when we got there she had another door out there. She insisted I take all three and I was very grateful. I made out so good that day even at other sales. People blessed me all over the place that day. I got very good deals on the things that I did buy and I was very appreciative. 
There's a lot of work to be done on these but in time it'll be real nice. I would like to make a headboard out of this door. 

When I went down to Point Pleasant, the shop there was selling Annie Sloan paint and I have been wanting to try it for so long. I bought white and duck egg. This piece below is Duck Egg with dark wax over it. Looks greenish doesn't it. It was blue before the wax was put on it. I hope I don't cave and paint this black or white. I always wind up doing that because I can't get used to color in my house. I'm always sticking with the same color theme and want to venture out into other colors because I love them when I see them other places but have a hard time accepting it in my house. I know, that's weird but I'm weird. 
This piece was just plain unfinished wood and I have been wanting to paint it for a long time. Not sure if that was the right color to go with but I loved it in the store. 

 This shutter below we got in Lancaster about three years ago.  It has been sitting in the garage that long waiting for something to be done with it. I have always wanted to make things and selI them. I have been wanting to open up an Etsy shop too. I have been collecting things for a while now. It would be the perfect job for me because I love doing this, I love going to yard sales, flea markets and barn sales in Lancaster. It makes me come alive. 
I knew I would need my husband to help me because I don't know how to use the tools. We are a good team and work well together. I wish I had his talent and knew how to work with these tools because then I could get a lot more done and wouldn't have to bother him or wait for him to get started. I have the vision and my husband has the hands to complete it. He preps and I finish. I strip and paint. 

I see inspiration all over the Internet - on blogs, Pinterest, shops and Facebook. I want to join the community of creativity. I have to learn to sell on Etsy, I have to learn how to blog better too. I am not that great at the computer. 
So, my husband finally stopped working his second job and now has the time to help me complete the things I would like to complete and hopefully sell. This is one project we may sell but I also may keep it because I'm starting to love it. I know that is going to be a problem for me when I start doing this. I'll want to keep everything.

The bottom of this shutter was messed up on the back side so I told my husband where to cut it and what I wanted to do with it. Actually this is the other shutter not the one we used to make this project. As you can see the hardware is different. 

Please don't mind the background of the garage, it's a complete disaster. My husband is near having a heart attack over it. It needs an overhaul ASAP

Here he is working on it. I got inspiration with the spindles when I saw in a shop they used a different kind of spindle on the side of a smaller repurposed chalkboard and it looked really nice so I thought the spindles I had would look good on this. 

I'm really glad that the hardware was intact on this piece. It makes it extra special. 

This is the almost finished project. He put crown molding and another piece on top to make it a shelf. I just finished stripping it and will repaint it. I'm thinking distressed white. I will use Annie Sloan's white. I have another shutter that we will make another one of these. I just bought Miss Mustard Seed's paint in the color Typewriter. Was deciding on if we should use old glass knobs to make it into a towel rack with one knob in the center of each of the panels or put more knobs along the bottom to make it a coat rack or just a decorative piece with glass knobs. Or put on iron/metal hooks along the bottom. Will decide after it's painted. 

And so that is what has been going on. 

Hope you are all having a great day! 
See you soon!
Blessings all!


Sunday, June 8, 2014

Memorial Day Trip To Lancaster

We just recently took a trip Memorial Day weekend to Lancaster. My husband usually takes me for my birthday. I had a few places in mind that I wanted to visit that we had not visited before. One of our usual stops is Milkhouse Antiques which is now Antiques At Silverbell. One of the former vendors there was Hillary from Isabella Sparrow. She opened up her own place in Ardmore Pa. I love her stuff and wanted to go there before we went to Lancaster. We got there and I got a few things, love her new shop and her. She is just the sweetest and she is so super talented. Love everything in her place. We had asked her if there was a good place to eat around there and she referred us to a pizza place named Snap. She had decorated there. She said it was delicious and she was right. 
This was the interior of the place, it was so cool. The ceiling was cool. It was halfway underground. It was a neat place.



How awesome are those lights?!! Love the bench, love the chairs and stuff on the walls and the pizza was awesome. They don't sell large pies or slices, they sell individual size. All-natural ingredients and what was great was they had homemade gluten-free pie crust too. You can pick your toppings or choose from a mix of what they put together. It was different and we really enjoyed it. I'm glad we asked her. 

We recommend it if you're in the area.  After that we visited one of the antique shops I have been wanting to visit that we never had. I didn't get anything because they were pretty pricey but we did get this adorable picture of my husband in the timeout chair Ha Ha. 
That really is the coolest big chair I have seen yet.

We stayed at the Best Western in Intercourse. We really like staying in this town. They recently renovated and added on. It was beautiful, we recommend here too. 

In the lobby of the Inn they have a coffee bar with specialty coffee drinks. How cool are those tractor seats, love them!!!

The interior decor of the hotel is so comfortable and welcoming. The staff was great, the rooms were comfortable and it's really clean. The restaurant that is attached to the Inn is The Olde Mill. Great place, we had a fantastic continental breakfast. We got the oatmeal and it was so creamy and yummy. We went back for dinner one night and my husband had the ham loaf. Tasted just like his grandma's, he was so happy. I got the chop meat in onion gravy and it was delicious. 

This was the placemat, I liked what it said. They're very friendly in the town of Intercourse. 

This is outside the Inn. There is a separate building where the indoor pool is. We forgot our suits. They have this cozy seating outside and the basketball court too. Next time we'll bring the kids. 

There is an Amish family that sells salvaged materials out of their barn. When you pull up this is what you see, this big old bell and you ring it to get their attention to come out. 

We bought a few things, an old door, a barn door, pieces of Barn wood and an old metal fence door. 

We bought one of these with the intentions of putting it over our bed. Not sure which one we are going to use yet. 

We got this shutter at another Amish home. We actually stopped for root beer and when we went in they sold honey and we got some of that too and man is it incredible. I think it may be the best honey I have ever had. They also happened to sell some vintage stuff and this shutter below was there. I have been wanting to get an old shutter to make a coat rack and this was perfect. The hardware on it made it even nicer. 

Hubby sanded it down for me. I actually liked the color of it after he was done so I left it and just waxed it. 

I wanted to find vintage hardware for it. I looked online but I couldn't find five hooks that were vintage. I took a ride to Point Pleasant. It is a beach town that is about half an hour away from us. They have a really nice town with many antique and specialty shops. There are quite a few antique shops and I went in all of them and I was striking out on finding hooks. Then I went in one and when I asked the owner he said - you know my wife and I just found some on our trip and brought them back. They intended on putting them on one of their shutters but he was gracious enough to sell them to me. I told him I needed five and when he went and got the bag out, there were five of the same and three other kind. I liked the five and it was perfect, like it was meant to be. So thankful I found them. 

How beautiful is the hardware on this?!

And this is it. We don't have a big space behind our door. I wanted a wall of molding but my husband said it's too small and he's right. We have a coat closet right up the steps but for some reason nobody hangs their coats in there. They wind up throwing it over the railing, the couch or a chair. No matter how much I say hang up your coats, nobody listens to me. I talk to myself around here. So this was the solution. If they don't hang up their coats on this, I may be tempted to throw their coats outside. I really won't do that but I daydream that I will. 
I had thought about painting something on it but I don't have experience doing that and I didn't want to take a chance and ruin it. 

I have more to post, a lot has been going on here. I have other projects I have finished. Will leave for the next post. 

Thanks for stopping by friends. 
God bless!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

I was having a really bad morning today. Have been dealing with a little too much attitude from someone and I needed some time alone. I usually like to go for rides on the country roads. Nature soothes me and brings me peace. 
So my husband took my daughter with him to work and I took a ride to the flea market. I had bought that lamp base there a little while ago and wanted to get the right lampshade for it but I wanted it to be special not just anything.
There is a new store up at the Old Mill and the owner of this one shop there makes lampshades from old book paper. I fell in love with it and knew this would go great with my lamp. 
It's unique and they were the perfect match :)

 Picked up this old tractor seat at the flea market too. I hope that I find an old stool so I can make something out of it. I had a little buyers remorse with this one though. Wasn't sure if I should have got it. I think I paid too much for it.

We finally got a new couch. We have gone through 2 already. Thankfully they weren't brand new. The kids broke the last one because they were horsing around and fell on it and it broke so when you sat on it, you'd sink and then needed help getting out of it. I didn't like it anyway so I didn't mind it happening. 

I have to find some curtains to put there but my husband thinks he should just put really nice molding and forget the curtains but I want curtains. 
I saw on a blog about the white couch. I am really digging white lately and everything I like lately is white or off white. So, on this blog the woman talked about that even with her kids, having this slipcovered couch isn't a crazy idea because she just takes it off and cleans it. So I thought, why not. I just have to watch for the dog because he likes to sneakily lay on it so now I put a sheet over it at night and wouldn't you know I forget to last night. I woke up to go to the bathroom and there he was on it and he tried to quickly get off. He's so aggravating. He just can't lay off of my furniture, he thinks it's his bed. He always layed on the love seat all the time and now this is new and he wants to have this too. He's another mess maker. Nothing stays nice in this house between him and the kids.
We didn't get the matching loveseat yet. The other loveseat matches so to save money we're going to deal with it for now.
 I went to Home Goods and got pillows and I like the way it looks. That other couch really didn't match and so this makes me happy to look at.

We got it at Ikea and it's amazing how they box this thing and how they make it to be put together. My husband was impressed. He kept repeating himself how much he liked Ikea as he was putting it together. Thank God he's handy, I tell you. It's a blessing. 
The only pain in the neck was ironing the slipcover and I say that because I'm not a fan of ironing so if you like ironing you won't mind it, not that I minded but after a while I was like enough already, when is this going to end. It took like an hour but I'd do it over again to have a nice couch that matches. 
It needs something though to finish the look. 
Definitely curtains. 

Love burlap and lace together. I had a bottle here and I didn't like it. I don't think here is the permanent place for this either but it's good for now. It's better than the bottle. Sometimes it takes me a while to find what I want for a certain area.
It had purple flowers and I cut them out because I didn't like the way it looked. Want to add some more white in there. On that white kick.

Got this at the flea market today and scored!!! I will paint it in time but not now. I only paid $45 for this. This purchase made my day. Happy Mother's Day to me. I couldn't pass it up for that price. I have a little car and I was gonna shove this thing in that car no matter what I had to do. Thankfully the two men there helped me and they got it in and it just fit. Yay!!

I love crosses and I saw this at a shop a few weeks ago and it struck me so I bought it. It wasn't expensive either. 

I bought this one at a yard sale and for the life of me I'm blank and I can't remember where and how much. 

Have been contemplating if I should paint the piano. What do you think? I still have not painted this little piece that the lamp is on. Not sure what color to do each of them. Was thinking white for the piano. 
We also can't find anyone to fix the piano for us. The place that said they would originally won't call us back. We've already called twice. The woman who came to clean the piano didn't seem confident about fixing it because it's heavy and she'd need help so instead of telling us they don't want to do it, they just ignore us. So now we are stuck with a piano with no pedals.
So if that's the case, I'll just make it pretty.

Hope you had a great weekend. Enjoy your week!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

It seems like this has been one of the longest winters, or maybe it's because it snowed so much. We've had a lot of snow and it's finally melting. I usually don't mind the snow but I'm ready for some warmer weather. 
It really was a beautiful day out today and is so welcomed.
I was so happy I could open up the windows and let some fresh air in. I caught every sickness that was going around this season unfortunately. That has never happened before. I am well now and thankful for it. I have to get healthy. 
I just ordered T25 and am scared to see what I'm in for. I am out of shape and haven't exercised in a while but I have had it with myself. I hear it's majorly intense but 25 minutes so I am going for it. Pray for me.

Anyway, I have been wanting to redo my bedroom for a while now and haven't got to it. For some reason it always seems the last place that gets done. I still have to paint the furniture. 
I am not done with the bedroom but this is way better than what it was. It used to be a pale yellow and I just needed something more soothing. I don't have any blue anywhere else in the house and I'm really liking blue lately so it's in the bedroom and I love it. 
I went out and bought a quilt and shams the other day at Home Goods. It definitely needs more pillows and something else. I need curtains too and would like to get something else behind the bed and move the picture to the wall on the left that is not shown. I didn't show it because it's got a sign there that I don't like and doesn't quite match because of the color. I will update when it's all finished. I hope to take a trip to Lancaster to find something cool for behind the bed.

The other day I took a trip up to one of my favorite towns. Allentown NJ. It is a sweet place. For a while, many businesses had closed and they were some of my favorite shops. I was so sad when they went out and it was disheartening going through the town and seeing the empty stores. 
But, recently they are starting to fill up the stores again and some really great people are now shop owners. The Old Mill is a real cool old place. A well known Italian restaurant in another town nearby will be occupying the bottom space in the Mill soon. Looking forward to going there when it opens. Three new stores took the top and I love them all. 
I got the piece above at one of the stores. I fell in love with it. Loved the color, the etching, the saying and the cute birdy. 
Encourage your hopes not your fears is on the back of the plank. He has some nice repurposed stuff in his place. Great guy too.
Allentown is back! Yay!! 

I probably posted this picture someplace else at another time but I have this temporarily behind my bed. I love scripture.
I've been going through some stuff lately and I don't know what I'd do without God. When I see this, it comforts me. He understands me and is everything to me. 
This picture is very tranquil. I saw it on Beneath My Heart's blog and ordered it. I fell in love with it at first sight. I love God and trees. To me, one of the most beautiful sounds is a soft breeze blowing through the leaves of a tree. Nature is being close to God for me. 

I got this door at a yard sale a while back and I just made that burlap wreath at a church craft day and I hung it there. I think I may do something else with this down the line to. 

I love when the sun shines through the window. When I wake up in the morning the sun shines on my side. This is hubs side of the bed. I found that table at a yard sale for $10 a while back. It was a perfect end table.

Marbles :) 

This is the window that the sun shines through in the morning. I am really excited for the spring and summer sun. It's so much brighter than winters sun. The sun instantly brightens my spirits. I don't like to bake in it though. I'm not a lay on the beach for hours type person. I just love the light that the sun emits and the warmth on my face as I close my eyes and lift my face to it. 

I got that old pitcher in Georgia at a really awesome antique place. I loved Georgia. I really hope I can visit there again some time. 
I had to wind up taking another picture because I had a pink fuzzy sock under there and a big clumpy doggy fur ball. My dog sheds horrifically, it drives me insane. You could pluck him as he walks by, it's terrible. 

I think I may get a different blanket for the bottom but this is good for now. Definitely needs more pillows. I saw a really nice one in one of the stores in Allentown. It had burlap and lace. Thought maybe a fuzzy one. Our bedroom is tiny but it's cozy. 
White is so crisp and clean. Every picture I see of bedrooms I like, I always get drawn to the ones with a white comforter or quilt. Our bedroom is tiny but 
Wondering what color curtains to get. I don't know if I should white overload it. I was thinking of painting the furniture either all black or the body distressed white and stain the top dark walnut. 

The set was Ralph Lauren, the quilt and shams. The original price was ridiculous, I would have never bought it at regular price. Home Goods is awesome, they have great prices. 
So happy I found two of each sham. They were in different spots and I didn't think I'd have as set so when I found the other one, I was doing a jig. They were the last of each. 
Target had a cute fluffy pillow that was fluffy that I may get for this. I think I need one more Euro sham too in the back. I will have to get a different one since they had no more at Home Goods. I will also have to wait a while because I will give my husband a heart attack if I spend any more money. 

There are little cottages behind the Old Mill in Allentown. One of them became a consignment shop. 
 I saw this cross bracelet so I got it. I hardly ever wear bracelets but I really liked it. I picked up a few tops there too. She had great stuff in there. I love giving business to small businesses. It's much more personal in a world that is trying to make everything impersonal. It's always a pleasant experience too. We chat and get to know one another and I enjoy that. 

Enjoy your day friends!